Just after break-fast we were having a khushi time as the painters had finally finished the 30 days of painting job. That is when a lady from our neighborhood landed saying one of our dogs has jumped into a well located in the far eastern side of our yard. We have 3 wells in our compound, but it is this well in the far east that has a perennial water supply.

So the well meaning neighbor warned us that the dog is having a good time swimming but it might drown any moment, paddling away his last breath in such deep waters. Is it yours, she asked. We said our Thendu our dog is in the chains. That aside we were aptly worried as the well is ours and the DOG is of the village. The neighbor ofcourse had other thoughts on this matter and firmly believed the canine fully deserved what he got as he was chasing a big rooster.

But I was thinking that indeed should a dog chasing a rooster deserve a watery grave?

Anyway the matter became a big issue in my small mind, I rang up to Govindamaan and Aniyan chettan. Where is the manpower for such an operation? where is the crane? where is the fire tender ppl? We are in a village, a remote at that; nowhere near to Ernakulam!

Can I jump into the well? no. I could have tried that long back as a commando for which I had taken training in the Army. (athu antha kaalam!). Come to think of it, the dog should have done the chasing of the kozhi 20 years back while I had come on leave, then I could have rescued it without any problem; but now it appeared too late. Anyway, there is always a GOD’s direction, a super natural power; we may call it GOD or anything as you like! As an army man I believe in that!

I rolled up a long rope from the wooden box and was out to the loaction. Then I suddenly heard a vehicle with a large ladder and 4 men stopping at our gate house /padippura! It appeared that God had sent chaps for the dog’s rescue. I turned towards the service gate and called VINU, the cable chap who came with the vehicle and parafernalia and 3 men for laying cable!

I said, lay the cable later, now you come to rescue the dog . OK? I narrated the story to him and he some how agreed! We walked towards the well with a long ladder . I put a large knot in the rope I had picked earlier. One fellow climbed down the ladder at the mid way of the well with caution. The poor dog was wheezing and he knew that we are at his rescue, but he had no idea what to do about it. Afterall he is a simple Dog. Didnt have much education also! This is the first time that this dog had fallen into the well, so no forehand experience either!

Any way the loop went between the head and one leg so that the dog wouldnt get choked. He was pulled out and the the man who pulled ran like hell as the dog was up in the ground for fear of a dog-bite. Then , I went nearby with lots of love and cajoling care and words that PAAVAM etc which he understood and stood fast till I untied the rope. Then he limbed , drenched , shivered and went away with a sad faced smile! He might have said his profound and undiluted thanks in his own way but except me nobody cared to say: its ok doggy! I told him further , you dont fall in such deep water again, ok?

The mongrel understood that and walked off with a grateful smile and a bark: bow bow!!! Thats the story for the day!