Tiruvilwamala is a hamlet where i was born and grown up. Situated at Thrissur district , near River bharathapuzha,the place is also the abode of Lord Ram at the hill top temple. Rama temple over looks the entire village. It witnessed history of growth and expansion of the hamlet into virtually a state by itself as well as center of cultural uprising and evolution of fine arts and dances .
Ekaadasi of Kumbh maasam and Niramaala of kanni maasam are two importance festivities at the temple. The congregation during the occasions will be stupendous. Events of festivities are generally of highest standards and most eminent artists assemble for performance there.
To add to old folklore, a simple and unexplained episode: we had a MOOTHAN, an old man.in blackish complexion and fat , barrel shaped from chest to hip in same girth! He would dive in any water, for 30 mins non stop, and search and bring any lost gold ornaments from any depth! he was the oracle of KUNDIL AYYAPPAN! I dont think the present generation remembers him at all! how sad!
At the TVM high school ,We had one Vijayaraghava Menon , science teacher/ Masterji and a great thug at that; he wouldn’t mind giving a punch or two at the back of some tough guy students. One day he caught at the nostril of MAMMYKUTTY, a tall chap and a famous and admired runner athlete fellow, for some science thing! He, the MAMMY KUTTY,didn’t or couldn’t answer a question addressed towards him and then the nostril twist began by the science master VR Menon. Suddenly student Mammykkutty unloaded a handful of phlegm , that too as thick as half melted wax in the palm of VIJAYARAGHAVAN master. The Master ran to the tap and didn’t return that day for the rest of classes. That was the last time the science master bodily punished the guys!
More on other spots of TVM in the next article.
Further addition by marshal: My schooling at TVM (short for Tiruvilwamala) was between 1953-1961.We had language sanskrit as elective language. Pt: Narayana Iyer was the sansrit scholar and our teacher.As he would enter the class room than would scribble a poem- subhashitaani- on the black board every day. we students are supposed to note it in our note books and by-heart it for next day. He would ask any student at random to recite the previous day’s sloka and he/she had to give it out perfectly and very correctly. Any failure to do that would end up in massacre – a chooral pazham he called it!one day morning he wrote on the BB the following:ഉദേതി സവിതാ രക്തഃ, രക്ത മേവ അസ്തമേതിച!, സമ്പത്തൌ ച വിപത്തൌ ച , സമ ഭാവ മനസ്വിനാഃ!! അര്‍ഥാത്- ഉദിക്കുമ്പോഴും സൂര്യന്നു ചുവപ്പു വര്‍ണ്ണം, അസ്തമന സമയത്തുംസൂര്യന്ന് രക്ത വര്‍ണ്ണം!അതേ വിധം‍, സമ്പത്തുകാലത്തും ആപത്തുകാലത്തും മഹാന്മാര്‍ ഒരേ മനോനില തന്നെ നിലനിര്‍ത്തുന്നു! മലയിളകിലും മഹാജനാനാം മനമിളകാ, എന്നുമുണ്ടല്ലോ?the next day it was a bright VRISCHIKA MAASAM . 41 days MANDALAM period started. I went to temple to attend the Elephant procession and Chenda Melam . came back late but hurried for school after gulping some KANJI- rice poridge- Of course I reached well in time. The 1st period was sansrit and the Pandit maash with a tuft [switch] on his head in good stead arrived in full swing! after writing down another sloka on the BB , he asked me to recite the previous days number. I mumbled, surely. there after I did not know what happened: he asked me to extend both my hands for receiving the punishment. Several big canes and his fresh healthy active morning! the thuds were unbearable and very painful.i received all the HITS without any remorse as it was my failure to abide by the instruction. Violation of instructions or guidelines no teacher tolerated those days. And Aiyar Pandit ji the least!! Probably that helped me to remember all those SUBHAASHITAANIs by heart since then. കാക കൃഷ്ണ പിക കൃഷ്ണ, കോ ഭേദ പിക കാകയേത്? വസന്ത കലൌ സമ്പ്രാപ്തൈ , കാക കാക പിക പികഃ!!!ച്ചാല്‍: കാകനും കറുപ്പ്, കുയിലുണ്ണിയും കറുപ്പ്. ന്നാലോ? രണ്ടും തമ്മില്‍ എന്താ വ്യത്യാസം? വസന്തകാലം വരുമ്പോള്‍ അതറിയാം: അപ്പോള്‍ കാകന്‍ കാക്കയും, കുയില് കുയിലുമായി മാലോകര്‍ക്കു മനസ്സിലാകും! Thats all for the time being! more in the immediate future.