It was year 1996 . My son, now An Army Major, Raghu, then was at UKRAINE doing his medicines.Run out of cash, he was at trouble most of the time. two -three people cheated us of several hundred dollars too; they took it for handing it over to him but vanished with it for ever!Telephoning used to be very costly affair; one day his mom got him on telephone at PUNE on ISD and would not terminate conversation even after 4 minutes of long chat! I end up paying rupees 2000 at a stretch .I sent fax several times @ Rs.130 per page through BSNL arrangements!For that I had to learn few RUSSIAN language firstly to scribble for the post office at L’VOV.They read it, understand it and then hand over the fax to Raghu.One day he sent me a fax stating that email is possible and gave me his mail ID. I did not know what was E-mail!Must be some electronic mail system like that of telegraph or fax. So while at New Delhi I met a BSNL official at some BSNL office at GOLE MARKET circle or some other prominent circle system of New Delhi. The man at the counter said it was not for public and asked me several irrelevant questions and I got fed up and called it a joke!At Meerut Station the Commandant of Military Hospital, Brig Misuria had a daughter doing some IT job at New Delhi. Then I asked her to mail a E-MAIL for my son, if possible. She agreed to do it . “Uncle sending an email is risky from my office, because they keep an account of all emails and I will be questioned. Then I said: we can pay for it; I dont want anything free at all!.No Uncle, no payment will be possible because they dont do emailing on payment basis! Any way I had typed out the matter for her to despatch; neat ONE page. She sent it the 3rd day but said she had to write it at the screen. I wondered , how it could be to sending an email!
Subsequently my son graduated and reached back India home as a full fledged Doctor and had brought with him the PC technology learnt there. He explained me all about PC on one condition that I give him one Laptop [those days laptop costed me Rs.99,000.00, mind you]
The leap forward after that has been amazing. in a matter of 10 years now I too learnt all about computers , emailing, faxing, presentation and what not. All I learnt by myself. I write in in Indian languages too.
Nowadays I write Malayalam language stories first in hand writing and then on the lap top I rewrite it on the screen for good printing as well as clarity effects.