If the evil is inevitable, then it is better to have a better evil. And A Raja was one of the better demonic Minister-chaps, then. No body could blame the system or situation prevalent then, for his induction as such! We had many Telecom ministers in the past 60 years. We remember that one of them was caught hiding a huge laundry-bundle of currency notes of highest denomination, under his cot. We are familiar with a phrase, “files were swept under the carpet”. But pushing the bundles of currency notes under cot was something new to us, then! But Raja chap was a better DM in that he stage managed to hoodwink all and sundry in the parliament in toto ; amassed richness to himself and to some circles around him at the cost of the loss to INDIAN STATE to the tune of rupees 1.6 lacs crores, they say! It claimed that the 2 G tele spectrum Services gained prestige under his minister-ship and many people went appreciating the advancement in the new technological début while his predecessors had made a hash of the Tele Services as a whole, he prided.
So before excoriating him let us see some reasons also! This is not to consider it as an excuse for not finding the fault in him or to say to spare him scot free or to state that Spectrum system which he & co goofed up and consumed the scammed layers of cream and smacked to the fullest extend right from the beginning of his take-over till the last moment at the Telecom Ministry, is pardonable!

I have seen several cases of wrongful gains as well as wrongful losses happening to BABUS of all sorts, during the past 45 years of administrative sojourn in the Army . When a Babu amasses wealth several times disproportionate to his known income, then he does it so with dishonest intention to self gains and that this gain is a wrongful one; his purchase power wrongfully heightens up! Why because his counterpart else where does not equally enjoy that purchase power as much as that of the first guy , at this stage! That way the second guy of a Babu suffers a wrongful loss to that extent of the reduced degree of purchase power. A social inequality sets in which leads to disequilibrium in the strata and social discontentment! This is quite disturbing.

Actually corruption has been deep rooted in our Indian society. Really, we all are living in the centre of it. Let us realise it in the first instance. Daily we hear about moles or something like on this misdemeanor. It is flourishing not only in the higher places but also in the lower places and at every nook and the corner of our governance and non-governance! Some of the examples are:
• You have to tip a TTE for getting a reservation in the train if the travel is suddenly decided and not planned. The TTE misuses his position for personal gains.
• You have to grease the palm for getting a Driving licence to so many people in the channel in the RTO offices of the country wherever you are , where ever it is. In Kerala it is getting slightly better with the onset of computerisation in a big way. The system is so designed that one would not find a way out to get out with the document except by paying extra grease money at the end.
• The same is with Pass Port. I know a case where a single girl, living away from her home/parents applied for a PP and the police constable made it so difficult for her verification that she said that the constable extracted Rs.2000.00 from her at the end of a 3 months dangling period and then scolded her for not paying it in the first instance and waited for the torture. He told her that she was very foolish, to top it all!
• The same is with land dealings. Registration or sale/purchase.[ I knew of a sub registrar in SM Nagaram, who used to come to the office in the morning at 1130AM and leave at 2100Hrs with a deep bulging pocket.]
• Till recently, Telephone Department chaps used to take a cash packet for giving private connections and a few bottles of rum for arranging transfer voucher while certain army subscribers moving out to different stations on transfer. With the competition of privatisation, the BSNL/MTNL has wakened up to some extend.
• The Electricity Board chaps take his toll every time they visit a mohalla /street to rectify the complaints. There are innumerable cases of meter readers having made big chunks of money disproportionate to their known income, in the process.
• Actually there are lots of officials, smart and good-looking, well clad, and seemingly honest, possessing several thousand hundreds /thousands times assets, disproportionate to their known income in our great country! It includes ministers, MLAs, MPs, IAS chaps, IPS chaps, Foresters, Auditors, Advocates, Judges, Army Chaps, all fellows working in all ministries/government offices, state Government Departments, corporate functionaries, Board Functionaries .Name a thing or institution, there is corruption prevalent there. It’s a tragedy of our BHARAT, but it is FACT!.
• And immediately after independence, those who took over the reigns, also opened New Swiss bank accounts in the subsequent periods, it is said. All the assets in the Swiss banks of various un-named Indian chaps put together counts several millions, millions dollars and the interest that would accrue in a year would alone be sufficient to pay off all our world debts and the remainder of interest money would take care of the yearly budget for 2 years in a row! This information circulated in the internet world over!
• It is a known fact that for becoming an MLA/MP one spends 50 lacs from self pocket and similar amount from party funds. Thus a 100 lacs is spent to get the coveted post. With an investment of 100 lacs, a fellow is expected to gain Rs 250000 per month. Where as the pay packet for an MP would be to the tune of 12 or 16 lacs per year and in 5 years time he gets 60/90 lacs back. It’s not a good investment for a period of 5 years and yet he ventures for “Country Sewa” for the rest of life! From this, it is discernible that he surely gets something more than that as inducement to fight the war. What is that inducement? And how it comes? Every one knows about it. Really a positive motivational influence!!
• These are some of the petty thieving. There are BIG thieving as well, like that of 2 G Spectrum scam. All those chaps in the governance and non-governance know details and have statistics about it. Whistle blowers get silenced in India, in the due course of time; that also we have seen!
Then how are we intending to eradicate the corruption and depravity practices totally? In the first place, there should be zero tolerance to corruption! The profane perversion, malpractices, commission money & offerings or any form of gratification should stop forth with. This should be done not only by enactment of law/regulations but also by command & control measures. All dealings at all levels and surfaces of governance should be made transparent .The erosion of moral values should be revamped and human as well as governance values reinvented from the grass route levels itself. The elders should set examples to the newer generation of human values and national integrity. It would take anything between 25 to 30 years of period to notice any tangible results. Till then the governance should be done by limited dictatorship by eminent, selfless, a few selected, statesmen & stalwarts of political orientation.[ This is not the only solution, but one of the way outs!]