I must scribble some thing so I am scribbling!! We had an old veteran of a Captain Waryam Singh in my old EME Bn , I was in Jhansi those days. sometime back in 1968 or so. we (8 of us youngsters) were travelling in a one tonner veh. The road was so smooth and the driving was swish……! But it was giving a kind of noise kij…kij….kij… as if it was sailing effortlessly on the smooth road! Lieut Yadav, a naughty subaltern, asked this senior Captain: sir, why this kij…kij…kij…. noice while vehicle is sailing smoothly? Captain Waryam Singh counter questioned: Can any one tell? you all are good engineers and EME chaps?(Electrical Mechanical Engineer Corps) . No sir, we are unable to analyse the reasons for this funny noise at all.
no sir!, all said NO, non commitantly. mar naa haai kyaa…..?
Sir, you tell. we want to hear from the learned GURU sir!
On hearing this praise, he cleared his throat and …. started mumbling…. eh…. eh…. then suddenly burst out: OH… THO HOTHA HEE HAI!! GADDI CHALTHE VAKAT AISEE AAVAAZ ATHAA HEE HAI!! That was all good old days!! I miss my good old Army Days badly boys !!