I hail from a famous hamlet named as Tiruvilwamala, located in Trichur district , at the banks of River Bharatha puzha. Basically the village has innumerable hills and valleys and meadows. It used to be very picturesque place and of lovely weather . We had acres of paddy fields , with golden bunches of grain hanging down for harvest. During harvesting season, the farming folks , both men and women , used to assemble at the ramps to have a IDDALI PODI break . I as a child used to stand and watch the workers devouring iddalies with just dry GUN POWDER(very hot and spicy) with hunger and huge appetite!
one day during the harvesting, there in the fields we heard a commotion and hush hush! One wild deer in profuse horn had appeared from the far hills and for a spree and a ride at the stalks . The animal was taking long long strides so the reach was in great leaps and bounds! Some how a few villagers stood with spikes and latties and tackled the beast to carry it to their homes in pieces! They all shared the loot with great taste ; the skin was stuffed with its head bones and horns in tact. The eldest villager said that the wild deer is only good in stuffed condition on the wall for its deco rational value! I did not agree with that view even then!